Korean Bibimbap delivered.

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How It Works



Choose from various proteins, toppings, and sauces to create the perfect Bibimbap bowl.




Sit back. We'll take care of the delivery and everything else that is needed for you to effortlessly enjoy our food in your workplace.

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The best part (for both of us!). We love serving our food. We hope you enjoy eating it!


Our Vision


we believe in caring for people

Whether it's our staff, suppliers, customers and everyone in between, we believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect because we all have value. What that means for our customers is that we will be using fresh ingredients and offering healthy options for you to enjoy. Your body deserves the best, and we want to be a part of making that happen. 

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we believe in providing delicious korean food

We grew up eating delicious, homemade Korean food. We've also benefited from the numerous health benefits that Korean cuisine has to offer. We want to share this with you in a fast, convenient, and affordable way so you too, can enjoy it! 


We believe in giving back

We've implemented a #FeedtheSeoul initiative that will provide a meal for someone in need for every bowl purchased. By partnering with Rise Against Hunger, we are playing a part in ending world hunger by 2030. It's an ambitious goal, but we hope to achieve this with your help! 


From us to you, Thank you.

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